From Selling Zambuck On The Streets, To Owning Multi-figure Companies

My father was a machine operator at a printing company and I asked him to print copies of my CV. I took a handful and walked from JHB to Rosebank to Parktown to Randburg, looking for a job. I didn’t have the money for university, or for a taxi, but that was me…No excuses!

I started selling Zambuck and other products on the street for R20 per day. I had a job and I had a book that I started to live by… “Living without limits”. I believed that it was only a stepping stone. You have to start somewhere.

Knowledge is power – switch on the lights!

I don’t have a degree or diploma. But I had a chance to buy a book. From the street I became a sales man. I didn’t study sales, but I bought and read every book I could. I was promoted and worked for some of the top media companies in the country. I have over a thousand books across the industries I was interested in and finally started my own successful company.

In just one year of starting out as a digital advertising agency, Adclick Africa, I acquired the SME South Africa publication and founded Africa’s first Premium Ad Network. Little did I know that by 2014, Adclick Africa would be the largest publisher network in Africa! My small team grew to three times its size and is now a multi-figure success. Through networking and always seeking knowledge, I now run four SMME businesses in South Africa.

Entrepreneurs want to change lives and be millionaires. It’s possible. The secret is to keep believing and never give up. You have to start somewhere.

The bible says “as a man thinketh, so is he”.